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Is Jokic a top 5 center of all time?



Is Jokic a top 5 center of all time ? 

While it’s certainly early in Jokic’s career to make such a lofty claim, there are certainly reasons to believe that he could be considered one of the top centers of all time.

First, his on-court performance has been nothing short of remarkable. He has won 2 NBA MVP’s  and probably should have gotten a third one this year. He’s led the Denver Nuggets to the playoffs each year, and this year he proved how elite he really is sweeping lebron James lakers. 

Second, Jokic’s style of play sets him apart from other traditional big men and may enable him to have a longer career. His versatility, ability to pass and shoot as well as post up is unique to his position. This makes him an asset to any team, regardless of their style of play.

Third, Jokic’s impact on basketball culture cannot be ignored. He has become a fan favorite among casual basketball fans and has received international recognition as a Serbian-born player. His signature “floating” or “no-look” passes have even become popular on social media.

While it’s certainly too early to definitively say that Jokic is one of the top 5 centers of all time, some could definitely argue the case that he is.

By All N Hoopz

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