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Jimmy “Buckets”!!! Can he or will he be able to carry the Heat Wave in Game 4?!!



By Buzz Gibson

If I had chance to go to war in an NBA Finals with a teammate, it would be with Jimmy Butler! Although he is being outgunned, can you imagine if Denver only came with a knife to the gun fight? Game 3 they came in heavily armed! But I’m not convinced Denver is reach for TRENCH WARFAIR, because it’s coming if Miami goes down 3-1 tonight! Personally, I’m not too inclined to think Denver will not last long in the TRENCHES with Butler and the gang. However, 32, 21, and 10 are ridiculous numbers to compete against, and I don’t see Joker slowing up the pace. Then Jamal Murray wants to torch you with 31, 10, and 10. And don’t let Caldwell-Pope, and Michael Porter show up, things get as unfair as a dice game in Brooklyn alley.

Still, I’m going with “Buckets”. His 28pts, while shooting 11-24, and 4 assist was not enough to pull the Heat past the Nugget losing 109-94 in Game 3. Butler’s only support came from Bam Adebeyo’s 22, and 17. And, the rugged scoring guards Gabe Vincent’s 7 points, Caleb Martin’s 10 points, and Duncan Robinson’s with 9 points, had off nights. Maybe Kyle Lowery will show glimpses of the 2019 championship campaign with the Toronto Raptors in Game 4. He’s only averaging 9 points, and 2 assists off the bench in 26 minutes per game off the bench the last 3 games. Lowry and Max Strus have barely produced any support scoring or even distributing the ball.

Why do I, or did I choose to rock with JIMMY? He has more guts than a pile of chitlins in a wishing whale. Jimmy is a proven winner, and he will test you at your greatest moment, so you better be prepared. I call him Jimmy Henchmen, comparing his attitude and play to an old Brooklyn gangster who would catch you slipping if you’re not on you’re a game. Ask, Tupac! Ask Karl Towns, and the Minnesota Timberwolves organization! He disrespected and entire NBA organization. Oh, Boston found out too in Game 7 of the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals! Jaylen Brown, and super tough Marcus Smart tried TRENCH WARFAIR, and they’re on some island right now saying “I wish I woulda, coulda”.

You can have Bubble “Butler”, or Jimmy “Buckets, either way your chances of winning and NBA championship are real. Joker and Murray will have a huge say so, whether Butler and company can plot on a win for Game 4. Just know that Game 4 in the last 3 series were owned by Jimmy “Buckets” Butler. Against the Milwaukee Bucks he lit them up for 56 points. He gave the New York Knicks that light work with 27 points. Only to put up a modest 29 points on the Boston Celtics, the 2022 Eastern Conference Champions. I think it’s time reveal that Jokic, and the Nuggets are Fools gold. Then make him regret pushing his teammate in the back last March. I know Jimmy hasn’t forgotten about that!

Tonight in Game 4 of the NBA Finals 2023 , I’m riding the heat wave, GIMMIE JIMMY!

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