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The Rise of Black Quarterbacks in the NFL



An in-depth analysis of the increasing number and impact of black quarterbacks starting in Week 1 of the NFL season.

The start of the NFL season marks a significant increase in quarterback diversity, surpassing any previous era in the league’s history. This week, a remarkable fourteen black quarterbacks have been chosen to lead their respective teams, setting a new record for the NFL. Among these players is Patrick Mahomes, who was among the fourteen selected and started in the season’s inaugural game.

Among the 14 quarterbacks, there are three rookies who will make their debut in the league as starters. Bryce Young, representing the Carolina Panthers, C.J. Stroud, playing for the Houston Texans, and Anthony Richardson, chosen by the Indianapolis Colts, will all experience their initial exposure to regular season football.

These are the 14:

Josh Dobbs – Arizona Cardinals; Desmond Ridder – Atlanta Falcons; Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens ; Bryce Young (r) – Carolina Panthers; Justin Fields – Chicago Bears; Deshaun Watson – Cleveland Browns; Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys; Russell Wilson – Denver Broncos; Jordan Love – Green Bay Packers; C.J. Stroud (r) – Houston Texans; Anthony Richardson (r) – Indianapolis Colts; Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs; Jalen Hurts – Philadelphia Eagles; Geno Smith – Seattle Seahawks.

In the upcoming game, it will be Young, the first overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, who will be leading the Panthers against Atlanta, their rivals from the NFC South.

On the other hand, Stroud, who was chosen as the second overall pick, will face a challenging task when going up against Baltimore.

Meanwhile, Richardson, who was selected as the fifth overall pick, will have the opportunity to host the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In various other matchups, there are several players who will experience their first starts in Week 1, unlike last season.

For instance, Josh Dobbs, who was recently acquired by the Arizona Cardinals, will step in for the injured Kyler Murray as they travel to Washington.

In his second season with the Atlanta, Desmond Ridder will be leading the Falcons in a matchup against Young and the Panthers.

Making history as the first Black Week 1 starting QB for the Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love will face off against fellow Black QB Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears.

In the ‘Battle of Ohio’, Deshaun Watson will kick off his season as he leads the Cleveland Browns in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Taking the Philadelphia Eagles into Foxborough, Jalen Hurts will go up against the New England Patriots.

In the mid-afternoon slate, Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos will play host to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams will pay a visit to Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks.

For the Sunday Night Football, Dak Prescott and his Dallas Cowboys will be traveling to New York to take on the Giants.

This week, there will be three quarterback matchups featuring all-black players. Alongside Packers-Bears and Falcons-Panthers, Lamar Jackson will lead the Baltimore Ravens against rookie C.J. Stroud and the Houston Texans.

It is worth noting that Baltimore stands out as they are believed to have the NFL’s first-ever all-Black quarterback room. In addition to Jackson, who takes the starting position, the Ravens have backup quarterbacks Josh Johnson and Tyler Huntley. Guiding them are quarterbacks coach Tee Martin and assistant QB coach Kerry Dixon.

As we conclude our in-depth analysis of the rise of black quarterbacks in the NFL, we are left with a profound recognition of their increasing number and undeniable impact on the game. Week 1 of the NFL season showcased the exceptional talent and leadership these quarterbacks bring to their respective teams. Their success on the field not only challenges stereotypes but also inspires a new generation of aspiring athletes. It is important to acknowledge and celebrate this significant shift in the landscape of the NFL. We look forward to witnessing the continued success and progress of black quarterbacks in the years to come.

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