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Post Week 3 Mock Draft



By: Ryan Quigley @RyanQuigley90

It is obviously too early to take this too seriously, the variables of team records/draft eligibility/players breaking out. Mock drafts are just a fun exercise that I like to do to get familiar with certain players while also testing out the different mock draft simulators to see what they think. Here is what I have after Week 1 using the PFN board for the 1st round, with some quick thoughts to justify the reasoning. I like mixing it up between boards and different picks, continuity between mocks is very unlikely unless I just love the value/fit.

1.1/1.2 No changes really at the top Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr. playing on the same team sounds cool.

1.3 Get after the QB.

1.4 Also, get after the QB.

1.5 Maybe LV will find another bookend Tackle.

1.6 It’s early in the year but is Chicago ready to give up on Justin Fields?

1.7 Just fun to picture him playing with Simmons on the DL.

1.8 Bulking up the secondary, not sure if the rankings/draft slots have been updated because LA looks good.

1.9 I have no idea what direction they would go in.

1.10 Never really sure where to slot Brock, thought this would be a fun fit.

1.11 Love the idea of reuniting with Joey Porter Jr.

1.12 I feel like the Giants never get a shot at drafting a WR, I like the fit and value.

1.13 Such a Patriots pick.

1.14 Bulking up the DL.

1.15 Learning under Harrison Smith sounds great for DeJean.

1.16 The slide ends for one of the top players on the board.

1.17 Bulking up the OL for the Jets seems to be a priority.

1.18 Chargers look to need some help in the secondary.

1.19 Bulking up the interior DL, rarely sexy but effective.

1.20 Bulky on the interior, would love this fit.

1.21 Maybe a reach (uncommon for Baltimore) but would like the situation.

1.22 Who doesn’t love a pass rusher?

1.23 Who doesn’t love a DT?

1.24 I think Rome would be fun with CJ Stroud.

1.25 Chop is ranked at an interesting spot here, I love him with HCDC.

1.26 Bulking up the OL sounds good for Tua.

1.27 Just seems like the perfect fit.

1.28 I just think it would be fun.

1.29 Bulking up the secondary in a pass heavy conference.

1.30 I like the value.

1.31 Kelce’s heir to the TE throne.

1.32 Just drafting based on talent.

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