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Week 1 Overreactions



By: Ryan Quigley @RyanQuigley90

You win some, you lose some. Week 1 did not disappoint! A lot of excitement which leads to hype and expectations, here are a few awful takes to sprinkle into the mix from the irrational thoughts I had during the games.  

Utah looks good, is Florida bad?

A few days before the game it was announced QB Cameron Rising would be out but Utah adjusted accordingly. Florida looked BAD-BAD, could be a long fall in the Swamp. Utah however I thought played a solid game, they just played the team in front of them (usually an excuse saved for tune up games but I digress) I am excited to see what the Utes can do, could be another fun season!


This is an obvious overreaction; Utah St. is fine and all but they didn’t exactly have Bobby Wagner. Iowa didn’t even cover but there will be no slander on Dan Campbell player of the year watchlist QB Cade McNamara for Grit and Determination (not a real award… yet) oh and the defense is still good.

Michigan still good.

The only overreaction would be the offense not dominating the way I anticipated, We-fensively they looked solid (shoutout Jim Harbaugh) and I still think they are the team to beat in the Big Ten.

Coach Prime is fun.

I knew Travis Hunter was a DOG and QB/Prime Jr. Shedeur Sanders was a leader but I did not expect Colorado to hit the ground running immediately, Coach Deion Sanders is already building a fun program to watch. Colorado immediately looking like a problem seemed like a hot take, I loved seeing true freshman Dylan Edwards debut with 4 TDs against the national champion runner up. Also cannot stress this enough, Shedeur threw for 510 yards!

Florida State looks elite despite a few drops

Jordan Travis looks good, the transfer portal has done wonders for their passing game. Johnny Wilson had a few bad plays but also made some great plays, Keon Coleman also showed off his elite talent scoring 3 TDs.

Clemson… Man.

Not taking anything away from Duke but Clemson did not look good. Stale offensively and plenty of troubles covering the flats on defense, could this be the fall from grace for Dabo?

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