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While individual numbers and accomplishments are important in determining a player’s greatness, the overall team success should also be considered. Michael Jordan won six NBA Championships with the Chicago Bulls, while Kobe Bryant won five with the Los Angeles Lakers. On the other hand, LeBron James has only won four championships, two with the Miami Heat and two with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Additionally, Jordan has an impressive Finals record of 6-0, while Bryant has a record of 5-2 and LeBron has a record of 4-6. This indicates that both Jordan and Bryant were able to perform consistently in the Finals and lead their teams to victory, while James has had a mix of successes and failures in the championship series.

Furthermore, Jordan and Bryant were known for their clutch performances in big moments, while LeBron has been criticized for shrinking in key moments. Getting swept in the NBA Finals also reflects negatively on LeBron’s resume in comparison to Jordan and Bryant, who never suffered such a defeat in the Finals.

Therefore, based on their overall team success, playoff record, and ability to perform in clutch moments, it can be argued that Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time, followed by Kobe Bryant as the second-best, and LeBron James as the third-best player in NBA history.

By All N Hoopz

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