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Hat On The Table



By: Ryan Quigley

Anybody else love college football? one way I have dealt with the boredom of the offseason is a game I made up with friends called Hat on the table, basically we would make up a scenario of being a D-1 prospect with varying levels of positions and “stars” just to see what fans would choose.

Sometimes there is an obvious bias with ride or die fans, but I always found it to be a fun way to pass the long days of summer, I have been doing this for quite some time so this is in a pre-NIL/Transfer portal world but that doesn’t necessarily change the exercise. It could be factored into your decision honestly and feel free to react accordingly and chill in the comment section.

Let’s go ahead and put you in the shoes of a 3-star Cornerback prospect, you are the type of player who isn’t exactly on the All-American Bowl’s radar but by the end of your college career you are the kind of player that Jim Nagy from the Senior Bowl develops a “player crush” on. So, let’s look at the offer list and recruiting pitches!

Virginia Tech

The coaching staff loves you, one of your first offers. They think of you as a long-lost Fuller brother (I myself am more of a Troy Apke/Riley Moss type) who can get on the field very quickly to contribute on special teams while getting reps in passing downs and think you have the potential to be a 2-3 year starter. 


The U, the coaches are selling you this is where legends are born. Miami has a fantastic history of sending players to the NFL and they think after a few years in the weight room you can fit right in the locker room, I mean have you seen the new locker room??? Nice work DJ!


A recent offer but the coaches think you have Devon Witherspoon/Jartavius Martin upside, the staff thinks you may be a diamond in the rough in this years recruiting cycle and would love to get you on the field with reps at Nickel/Safety/Outside Corner to show off your versatility. Don’t look now but the Fighting Illini are making quite the case for DBU for the new school.    


Coach Prime likes what he sees, he is rather blunt and is straight up with you “Show out on the field or hit the portal” seems harsh but one of the best Cornerbacks of all time is a very interesting learning tree to find out how to fine tune your game and get a shot at the NFL.

So what’s it going to be? Enter Sandman? The U? The new DB NFL Pipeline? Or Coach Prime?

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