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2023 Guys Being Dudes watchlist (Offense)



By: Ryan Quigley

To quote a legendary meme from Vine courtesy of the current Offensive Line coach at Texas A&M “What’s better than this? Guys being dudes”

That has become a way of life to “football guys” this list is a way less significant honor than All-American but simply put it’s a collection of guys you would want on your team because they are dudes. Not exactly quoting Shakespeare today.


Quinn Ewers ditched the mullet, Caleb Williams would be too obvious. Just going on instinct for this one and gave a few options.

Michael Penix Jr.

He has been a dude ever since he made this play and has been a fun guy to watch at UW.

Joe Milton

Dude is 23 years old with an interesting college career, also has a Rocket for an arm.

Running back

Braelon Allen

Braelon Allen (seen here squatting 610) is a big dude.

Donovan Edwards

He has been a dude since he was asked at the Ohio St. postgame press conference about his wide open TD run to which he replied “Which one?” That guy is a dude.

Audric Estime

This guy is a dude.

Wide Receiver

Marvin Harrison Jr.

Was a dude before this photo but any excuse to show it again.

Johnny Wilson

This dude is a Tight End playing WR.

Oronde Gadsen II

Big dude, possession guy.

Will Sheppard

Dude is overlooked because he’s at Vanderbilt, Clark Lea is a dude and can mentor him.

Troy Franklin

Fast dude.

Tight End

Brock Bowers

This dude is the dude at the best position in football.

Ja’Tavion Sanders

Are you going to tell him he isn’t a dude?

McCallan Castles

Big potential dude, physical blocker from UC Davis heading to Rocky Top.

Offensive Line

Joe Alt

Big, technician dude.

Olu Fashanu

I just like this dude.

Cooper Beebe

Love a dude that loves to block.

Sedrick Van Pran

High Football IQ guy, nasty/mauler dude.

Zion Nelson

This dude has been on the field since arriving at The U.  


Anybody playing fullback is a dude.

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