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Hat On The Table 2



By: Ryan Quigley

Anybody else love college football? one way I have dealt with the boredom of the offseason is a game I made up with friends called Hat on the table, basically we would make up a scenario of being a D-1 prospect with varying levels of positions and “stars” just to see what fans would choose.

Sometimes there is an obvious bias with ride or die fans, but I always found it to be a fun way to pass the long days of summer, I have been doing this for quite some time so this is in a pre-NIL/Transfer portal world but that doesn’t necessarily change the exercise. It could be factored into your decision honestly and feel free to react accordingly and chill in the comment section.

Let’s go ahead and put you in the shoes of a 4-star Quarterback prospect, you are born and raised in Texas and would love to stay close to home and would love to see the field early, hoping to be a part of something special with a system that will rack up yards and potentially break some records. So, let’s look at the offer list and recruiting pitches!


Coach Aranda has continued the blueprint of success that Coach Matt Rhule put in place, Waco seems to have turned the culture around after the national controversy. RGIII happened to be on campus during your visit and took a liking to you, encourages you to make the best decision for you and that you will have a hard time breaking his records with the Baylor Bears.


The Horned Frogs have a Max Duggan sized hole on the depth chart after their college football playoff and national championship appearance, TCU’s staff is trying to prove that they were not a flash in the pan. They seem confident that they can put together a recruiting class that can get them to stay in the playoff conversation, they would love to see you compete for the starting job after a little more time in the gym and learn the system.  

Texas Tech

The school that could very well have a skyscraper sized statue for Patrick Mahomes thinks you could be a 3-4 year starter and have a successful career in the NFL (it isn’t the same staff with Mahomes but they like the talent on tape) they have no problem airing it out and think you will have the most pass attempts in college football while hoping you will be close to the top in yards and TDs as well.


The college closest to home was an early offer in the process, have a great relationship with the staff after attending multiple camps throughout middle school and high school. Coach Holgorsen is also a regular at your high school and has seen just about every game you have played in, thinks you are the type of talent that they would tailor the offense to your talents  

So what’s it going to be? Houston Cougars? TCU? Patrick Mahomes U? Or Baylor?

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